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At DiscoverTourGuides we try our best to ensure that we provide you with the best service possible and we do that by offering you access to responsible, experienced and exceptional tour guides.
When individuals apply to become a tour guide with us they are expected to complete a registration process. First, they must create their personal profile, this profile provides you with all the information you need to know about your potential guide to help you choose the best guide for your travels. Second, they are required to complete a questionnaire that helps us determine whether or not they are qualified to be a tour guide. The information on the questionnaire is kept private between us and the guide but is used to assess their tour guide ability. Lastly, a phone interview is conducted to do one final assessment of the tour guide that way we are certain that they will provide travelers with the best possible service.
We can assure that all guides have under gone the DiscoverTourGuides applications process and that we deem them qualified to provide DiscoverTourGuides travelers with exceptional tours.