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How Discover Tour Guide Work?

How Discover Tour Guides Works

  • 1. Choose A Destination
  • 2. Find a Tour Guide (10% deposit)
  • 3. Print Confirmation Receipt
Why Discover Tour Guide Work?

Why Discover Tour Guides

  • 1. Responsible Tour Guides
  • 2. Tour Guide Scores by Real Travelers
  • 3. Unique Travel Experience

Why DiscoverTourGuides?

For travelers, DiscoverTourGuides has a great selection of guides from all over the world. Wherever you’ll be traveling you’ll have your choice of tour guides. Get insight about your select tour guide through their personalized profile; learn about them through their ‘About Me’ section, glance through their photographs from previous tours and read about the tours they’ve created and get a feel for the guide by reading their customer reviews to see how other travelers rate their experience with the guide. You can also be assured that your guide is qualified to provide you with an exceptional tour as all guides have to be preapproved through the DiscoverTourGuides application process. Our tour guides are here to provide you with a unique travel experience and are dedicated to making it an enjoyable one.

As a guide DiscoverTourGuides gives you the opportunity to enlarge your client base and promote your tours. Reach out to customers all over the world that are looking for the perfect tour guide to show them around foreign territory. You can create your own tours and make them as simple or as extravagant as you want, it’s completely up to you how creative you get. You’re also able to price your own tours and the best thing is that we only require a 10% deposit of travelers versus some competitors 20%; this means you receive 90% of your asking price versus 80%. We understand that a lot of work goes into creating tours and giving them and therefore you should receive a greater return.

At DiscoverTourGuides we’re dedicated to providing travelers with the resources to find the best tour guides available so that they can get the most out of their travel experience. We also want to provide tour guides with a place to seek out new customers and for them to share their passion for travel with others.